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Image and industry films

Complex film recordings and detailed 3D animation help make our/your image and industry films superior in quality to other productions.
end-effect® customers appreciate tailor-made solutions for exhibition events, media applications, film and TV.

Overall design of different media

end-effect® supplies precisely the medium the customer needs, from its inception through to the production of films, iOS, Android and web apps, complementary media (books, DVDs) and special 3D stereoscopic presentation portals.

end-effect® film and drone equipment

One of our strong points is the production and manufacture of our own hardware. See the current selection of our products at “Rental and Sale.”

High-end film recording

Experienced teams of three to 15 persons film worldwide with their own camera drones and if required QHD, 4K, 6K and Super Slow-Motion equipment. Deserts, tropical paradises and snowy ice-covered landscapes are turned into spectacular filming locations.

3D (stereo 3D) exhibition and presentation films

We offer impressive stereoscopic 3D presentations for small and large rooms. Profit from a special stereo 3D exhibition visualisation to present your customers with your product and your service, and to make it almost tangible.

end-effect® as a film partner for advertising agencies

Filmed content for interactive applications is often produced externally. end-effect® has exactly the experience needed to cater for this service. The specified CI is presented optimally in the form of film and the production techniques tailored to the agency.