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The first professional 4K multicopter with a starting weight under 5 kg! (Including 4K camera, 4K gimbal and installed rechargeable battery)

end-effect® uses the most flexible and least complicated drone system on the market.

Further developments made to the coaxial hexacopter offer you incomparable benefits:

Safety features

Areas of use

Our experience

* Theoretically high-voltage rechargeable batteries can be taken by security staff at airports and the team will arrive without any rechargeable batteries. We have the solution to the problem: The 4K Kopter, which can be folded up to cabin luggage size!
Worldwide there are no additional costs for excess baggage: the weight is kept to standard levels in light transport cases.
** all that is required is a general flight permit from the respective province/Federal State and the consent of the landowner. In public areas, further requirements may have to be fulfilled. In city centres flights can be started only in certain conditions in restricted areas. A special permit is needed when working near the airport. Direct coordination must take place with the tower and the operator must be accessible for contact throughout.

RENTAL Flex 4K Kopter

Rental 1 Man:

This system is rented with one of our experienced pilots for filming on location. You will require a cameraman for pan shots on location. Instruction for experienced cameramen can be completed in 30 minutes:
Price on inquiry

Rental 2 Men:

Rent a pilot and also a camera operator. Our experienced team will provide you with support during all phases of filming and you can profit from our expertise in every scene.
8 hours up to a 50 kilometre radius around Munich:
Price on inquiry

SALE Flex 4 Kopter

The Flex 4K Kopter can be acquired in 2 packages:

1. As flight system only for use with one person

Price on inquiry

2. As a partner system with camera gimbal, video downlink and 2nd transmitter

Price on inquiry