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The 5K Gimbal from end-effect®

Stabilised camera recording is done with the traditional Steadycam, but also with “brushless gimbals” to a greater degree, which are stabilised over three axes.

The drawbacks of conventional systems:

The guard surrounding the motors takes up a lot of space in all axes, obstructs the view of the camera and makes handling difficult. The operator has to hold the frame away from the body, which requires a lot of strength and over time places too much strain on the back. The activated device has to be placed back in a special floor bracket during each pause, increasing the workload and forcing the cameraman to hold the construction longer than necessary, when, for example, the floor bracket has to be left behind at the starting point, but the subject is moving far away.

Our innovations:

In contrast to devices available on the market, which are in principle all similar to each other, in this new system the stabilising motors for two of the three axes are installed in a very small space. The cameraman has a clear view of the camera and can easily adjust many operational parameters. The all-important space directly in front of the cameraman is limited to the depth of the camera. In this way, the system can be carried very close to the body. Instead of a floor bracket, a frame construction is integrated into the housing, so that operation can be interrupted at any time. Less strain is placed on the cameraman’s back because of the improved body position and shorter usage times. By repositioning the stabilisation, it is possible to determine settings faster should a camera be changed.
At present, we can exclusively rent a complete set up with the 4K production cam from Blackmagic Design.

We can offer you customised sales solutions.

At present, we can exclusively rent a complete set up with the 4K production cam from Blackmagic.

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We can offer you customised sales solutions.
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Price on inquiry