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About end-effect®

In 1995, when the word “multimedia“ was voted “word of the year”, print designer Frank Ketteler thought it was time to turn his attention to moving pictures. One year later, he was working for the RTL group in Luxembourg as an editor and broadcast designer for digital television and was fascinated by the possibilities offered by digital design. He took the first step towards independence in 1999 at the Kirch Group Munich when he was appointed as project manager for graphics.

In the summer of 2000, Frank Ketteler was an independent producer for music videos, a director for TV opening credits and a freelance designer for big TV broadcasters.

Using the name end-effect® which he had registered as a patent, Frank Ketteler expanded his production activities in 2005 and is now offering services to customers within the industry. From now on, industry films are being produced in the highest film and television quality. Their look and detailed 3D animation are clearly superior to conventional image films.

The company uses its own equipment for post-editing, and its film technology is becoming more sophisticated each year. After having exhausted all filming options with cranes and mobile equipment, in 2010, the opportunity finally arose to fly high-quality cameras. The first handy HD cameras came onto the market and now the Oktokopter is capable of controlled ascent.

In 2011 end-effect® produced its own frost-resistant and rainproof Oktokopter to allow customers’ dreams to become reality in snowy conditions.

Different multicopters with end-effect® pilots have been rented out since 2012 and productions made to customers’ specifications.

The production of multicopters like the “Flex 4K Kopter” has become an important part of our business.

end-effect® places great value on effective and amiable cooperation. The pleasant and professional demeanour the end-effect® team have and their focussed communication with customer contacts explain our high levels of client satisfaction.